Metro College Application Form

Please complete and sign this form and send it with any supporting documentation to the College. Please make sure you have completed all sections and that you have paid your application fee.

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1. Personal data:

2. Present Address and Contact Details:

If you have lived at the above address for less than three years, please also let us know your previous address:

3. Previous Address:

4. Parental Data:

(please give us the name of at least one parent or guardian) (optional for applicants over age 21)

5. Emergency Contact Details

(please state whom we should contact in case of emergency)

6. Health Information:

7. Educational Background

(list below your high school and Higher Education details, most recent first)

9. Marital and Family Status

What is your present marital status?

10. Course Selection

For which course are you now applying?

11. Your Decision to Enrol

12. Your Ambitions

13. Your Strengths and Challenges

14. References

Metro College requests that two satisfactory references be submitted in order for an applicant to be accepted for admission. Three general categories of referee will be considered: academic referees (e.g. schoolteacher, tutor or professor), or employers (or equivalent business contact). In most cases, these should be persons who have known you for at least six months.

Please provide us with contact information for your referees as requested below. We will contact them to submit a reference on your behalf.

15. Work Experience

Please list below any paid employment you have had, listing first the most recent job or careers (including being self-employed). If you have never been employed, please leave blank.

16. Criminal / Abuse Screening

If you answer "Yes" to any of these questions, you must explain your answer on the back of this sheet. If you prefer, you may decline to answer any question, and/or discuss your answer(s) in confidence with the interviewer, rather than answering on this form.

Please circle the correct answer

Have you even been convicted of a criminal offence?
Have you ever been convicted on any domestic violence charges?
Were you a victim of abuse or molestation while a minor?
Have you ever been accused of abusing a child?

19. Statement of Release and Consent

20. Paying Your Admission Fee

The admission fee of scan be paid in three ways, as follows:

  • directly into our bank account
  • by Paypal
Bank account details:
Bank account number:
Account holder's name:

Important! Please make sure that you cover the bank fees on both sides so that the College receives the full
amount of. Please specifically indicate this to your bank when making the transfer.
We cannot process your application until the full amount is received.

If you want to pay by Paypal, please contact the administrative staff at

The admission fee is not refundable to candidates declined admission, or who later withdraw their registration.